Tips of Licensed Foundation Repair Technicians in San Antonio, TX in Waterproofing a Basement

Professionally Approved Tips in Waterproofing a Basement

foundation3If there is a common enemy that homeowners are always fighting against, it is the water that seeps through the foundation walls of the house. Water may exist in different forms like running water and stagnant water. If water is being absorbed by the soil surrounding the foundation area, the soil will expand which puts pressure on the walls. When this happens regularly, the walls become burdened and slowly torn until hairline cracks will start to appear.

If you start seeing hairline cracks in your basement, it means that something wrong is going on in the soil’s humidity. If this happens, you will the professional help of contractors of foundation repair in San Antonio, TX.

Check the water coming from the roof down. Leakage is the cause of high humidity of the soil surrounding the foundation walls. If your house has no systematic rain spouts and gutters then your foundation walls will always be at risk. Make sure that all the gutters are not clogged so that the water will not travel through materials directly connected to the foundation. As much as possible, the runoffs from the roof should be further away from your house.

Soil inspection

One way of prolonging the life of your foundation structure is to work with the soil’s slope. According to experts, the ground should be sloping away from the foundation walls so that water won’t get stuck or absorbed by the soil. Homes that are not properly graded are usually having issues with their foundation structure. Have the soil graded by an expert to avoid leakage.

Planning the landscaping well

A house without plants and other accessories on the top soil will surely look blunt and boring. However, there is safe and efficient way of putting plants and landscape together. According to structural engineers, these elements should be placed at least a foot away from the house’s foundation. If you are planning to plant trees and shrubs in the landscape, make sure that the roots won’t reach the foundation walls or else it can be the cause of internal water leakage. Hire a contractor who is at the same time a landscape engineer if your house has an extensive garden.

By learning the hacks of foundation repair in San Antonio, TX, you can be able to protect your foundation from external forces like humidity, running water, soil expansion and many more.

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